Age over 13 (over junior high student) 500yen
Age 6-12 (elementary school student) 200yen
Under age 6 free
Group more than 30 people gets
10% discount from the basic fees
*Admission fee needs for entering to the bridge. parking, toilets and shops are entrance free.
Operating hours   8:30am to 5:00pm (Jan.–Aug. / Nov.–Dec.) ticket counter closes at 4:30pm
  8:30am to 6:00pm (Sep.– Oct.) ticket counter closes at 5:30pm
Regular closing day   None (Entrance can belimited because of bad weather.)

Free wheelchair rentals are available at Nakamura area and Kitakata area.
When you use the service, please ask to staffs at the tourist information counter (Nakamura area) or the ticket counter (Kitaka area).

Pets are not arrowed to across the bridge. We care your pets while you go over the bridge. If you need pet care services, please ask to staffs at the tourist information counter (Nakamura area) or the ticket counter (Kitaka area).

We have 4 lockers at the management center. Please ask to staffs.
(Locker size: W.383mm×D.460mm×H.809mm)

There are parking spaces for 229 standard size cars and 37 large sized buses in Nakamura parking.
Kitakata Parking has spaces for 46 standard sized cars.
Near the gate of the Kitakata parking, there are some spaces for handicapped.

Both of Nakamura and Kitakata area have restrooms and a multi purposes toilet unit.

We have 2 bending machines in Nakamura area and one in Kitakata area.Smoking areas are provided in each area.

You can get some tourist information at the management center. There is lost-and-found center, too.

Please read the notice before you use Wi-Fi service.

The highlight of the KOKONOE “YUME” OTSURIHASHI is a great view of ‘Shindo-no-taki” and ‘Medaki’ which are selected as the 100 beautiful Japanese waterfalls.
It is danger of bumping or crowding if you walk on the right side because you should look back to see the waterfalls.
(This is for the case that you start from Nakamura area. If you start from Kitakata area, there are the water falls on left side toward the direction. )
Thus, for customers’ safety and comfort, we ask the customers to keep left.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Because of the structure of the bridge, please use large diameter walking stick.
Please be careful when you walk across the bride in high heels.
Especially, please be careful when you walk with infants.

* The strong wind more than 15m/h
* Adense fog
* Issuance about precaution of heavy rain or flood
* Issuance about precaution of heavy snow
* Earthquake larger than measures four. (you may enter after the inspection)
* More than 800 people on the bridge.
* Frequent lightning
* Occurring of violence or nuisance on the bridge.
* Occurring of fall accident or fire.
* We might refuse your entrance if you are dead drunk.
* In addition, if the manager considers it is necessary, we close the bridge.

* No pets allowed.
* No umbrella (please wear raincoat / you can get at the shop)
* No marching
* No leaning and running
* No sports ( tug of war etc.)
* No littering
* No violence and nuisance on the bridge
* No lather shoes when it is snow or freezing
* No Stepping or sitting, hanging on the handrail and the other dangerous acts.
* No unmanned aircraft such as drone abroad the facilities.
Managemant center for KOKONOE “YUME” OTSURIHASHI
1208, Tano, Oaza, Kokonoe-machi, Kusu-gun, Oita, 879-4911, TEL +81 973 (73) 3800
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