Please speak in Japanese.
Service on the telephone is from 8:30am to 17:00pm.
Please make sure to dial the correct number.
* Free mail can be processed as a spam mail.
* If you are in hurry, please ask by a telephone.
* Free mail can be processed as a spam mail.
* Depending on the contents of inquiry, we may answer by different way to E-mail.
  Please put the correct information or we might not be able to answer your question.
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*  Your personal information is used only for answering and checking the inquiry.
*  For purpose of answering your inquiry, we sometime keep an inquiry record.
Q When is the closing day?
A We open 365 days.
Q Can I bring pets?
A You can’t bring pets into the bridge but you can bring to the other facilities. We borrow cages
    for free.
Q Is there any restaurant?
A We have fast foods, lunch boxes, drinks at the ‘Tenkukan’ shop.
Q Is there any place to change baby diaper?
A We have multi-purpose toilet unit at both of Nakamura-side and Kitakata-side.
Q Can I rent a baby car or wheel chair?
A We have no baby car but free wheelchair rental service.
Q How long does it take to go and come across the bridge?
A It will take about 15 minutes if you walk slowly.
Q Is there any hot springs around KOKONOE “YUME” OTSURIHASHI?
A You can get some information at the touristinformation center.
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